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NZ Day_12

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Te Pā Tū (previously Tamaki Māori Village) is owned by Tauhara North No 2 Trust.

Te Pā Tū celebrates our history, generates employment, and honours te taiao (natural environment) with generous, genuine, and beautifully curated knowledge-sharing events.

We also have been at the „Champagne Pool“: but it is different from what you might expect (see 2nd row of photos below).
And finaly ashow of Mori culture: can only be recommended.

A first impression of the thermal wonderland
Wonderland – pic 2
Wonderland – pic 3
Wonderland with rainbow

Akaroa GPS Track : easy localization on the map
Champagne Pool
With more details
Reception of the rival tribe
Permission for entry to the house
A geat tradtional mori show