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NZ Day_16

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Free time – no scheduled progamme

Given the high tide at 9:55 a.m. we went to a beach during the morning, We drove about 12 kms to Waipu Cove, which was recommended to us by our host. Jeanette, from the Mangawhai Lodge . Water temperature was approx. 19 degree Celsius – good enough for swimming.
During the afternoon my companions visited the Mangawhai Museum whereas I prepared an upcoming meeting.
For dinner we went to the local Wood Street Pizzeria – not bad at all, where we also watched a „golf tournament“.
BTW: Mangawhai has a scenic 18-hole championship golf course, one of the finest in NZ.

Mangawhai Lodge
Security post – not manned
Waipu beach
Mangawhai beach

Waipu beach: for easy localization on the map
View from our lodge
Tsunami instructions
Flag United Tribes
Golf : Pizzeria style